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Retirement Planning

Achieving Financial Independence is a point in time when you have enough capital or assets at work for you that work becomes optional and yet your lifestyle is still affordable.

Our Client

Alison was initially interested in an overview of how her investments were performing. She thought a lot about retiring but didn’t think it was on the horizon for another few years, despite working full-time since the age of 18.  

After spending time getting to know Alison’s situation, Chris was able to gain a deeper understanding of what Alison wanted out of life and what retirement looked like for her. Using our approach to financial planning, Chris was able to put together a visual projection based on Alison’s goal of early retirement and any what-if scenarios.  

From this, we ascertained that not only could Alison enjoy a comfortable retirement, but she would also be receiving the same income as when she was working full-time – without having to work and with immediate effect.  

Goal-based Interactive Planning 

Sitting down with Alison to understand her journey and to establish and develop her goal of wanting to retire early, combined with our personalised financial planning approach, helped her to realise that she was already financially independent and could therefore afford to retire comfortably without having to take unnecessary risks with her investments. 

Alison’s Outcomes

Alison is now happily retired having given up work 6 months after seeing our Financial Planner.