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Personal Financial Planning

Life is full of surprises – it’s what keeps things interesting. However, when it comes to your finances we believe it’s better to have a plan in place for all those what-ifs. 

Our personal financial planning service not only helps you to prepare for all of life’s big events from retirement to weddings, but also everything unexpected in-between. 

Whatever your financial goals in life may be, we’ll join you on your journey to make sure you stay on track to achieving those goals. 

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Our approach to proper financial planning

Goal Development

The first step is to help you to create your vision for the future. All of our Financial Planners are ‘Goal Development Experts’ and will help you to identify and develop your goals, ensuring they are specific, challenging, appropriate and realistic.

Information Gathering

Next, we need to find out what you currently have in place and what your financial situation is. We’ll do all the running around, by contacting the necessary companies, all we need from you is some basic details on each of your financial holdings.


How does where you are today compare to where you want to be? A detailed cashflow forecast will be produced identifying where you stand in relation to where you would like to be. We’ll even be able to produce a ‘what-if’ scenario, or two.

Develop Your Plan

We’ll develop a strategy specifically designed to help you achieve your goals. Your written plan will be thorough and will include recommendations that are as tax efficient as possible.

Implement Your Plan

At this point, we can facilitate the implementation of the recommendations we’ve made. Most of our clients accept our offer of assistance here as they recognise the value & benefits of financial planning and with an expert on hand to help you stay on track, you’re far more likely to achieve your objectives.

Monitor Progress

Things change, in your circumstances, in tax laws, even your priorities & objectives can change. Adapting to these changes is key to remaining on track to achieving your goals. We will review your plan every year and as and as-needed if a significant event occurs such as a change of job or the receipt of an inheritance.

Our Services

Personal financial planning

Cashflow Forecasting

Our sophisticated forecasting software allows you to visualise your financial future based on key life events and what-if scenarios. You’ll gain a visual journey of your future with goal-based, interactive planning. The cashflow charts analyse current and projected future needs, goals and aspirations and assess the likelihood of you being able to achieve them, year on year, throughout your lifetime.

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Investments & Wealth Management

It’s easy to put off taking action, but our highly qualified and friendly team will make the process easy. We’ll listen to your goals and help you to establish your appetite for risk and then help you to work towards your goals using a range of flexible investment solutions.

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Retirement Planning

Whether we’re loving what we do for a living, or working to maintain a lifestyle, we can help you understand what you need to do to plan for a comfortable retirement. That way, you can know when you can retire; what you can spend between now and then; how much you can spend in retirement, and much more besides!

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Tax Planning

Just because the tax system is complicated doesn’t mean you need to get lost in it. We offer a wide range of tax planning services and can help you to minimise the amount of tax you pay, just by putting together a plan.

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