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Supporting Maddy’s Antarctic Expedition

Redmaids’ High student Madeleine Williamson of Year 11, is the youngest of 90 people who will join Robert Swan OBE on an expedition to Antarctica, as part of the 2041 Climate Force Foundation.

Founded by Robert Swan, OBE, the 2041 Foundation’s mission is to preserve Antarctica as a natural reserve for science and peace. 2041 is the year that its fate will be decided and with just 19 years and 6 months left until the re-negotiation of a moratorium on mining in Antarctica, which designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science”, the foundation has been working to engage with business and communities on climate science, personal leadership, and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Alongside renowned glaciology, geology, oceanography and wildlife experts, is Robert Swan, OBE, the world’s first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. His 900-mile journey to the South Pole, ‘In the Footsteps of Scott’ stands as the longest unassisted walk ever made on earth.

Maddy will be the youngest ever person taking part in the ‘Leadership on the Edge’ programme where she will learn leadership development skills, climate change training, and sustainability education.

Maddy said: “I am really looking forward to using the skills and knowledge that I develop on this trip to raise awareness of climate change and change the way people look at the environment. I’m excited to leave my comfort zone and learn leadership skills which help me educate others on climate change and see me on my way to becoming CEO of my own company.”